Writing Persuasive Essays The Right Away 2021 Guide


Whether you are attending essay writer or pursuing an online degree. At some point in your academic years, you will have to write a persuasive essay at least once. A persuasive essay also known as a position paper, it is a short length paper in which you convince the audience to share their point of view with the help of solid evidence and clear explanation to support your position.


Although, social media makes it easy for us to share our opinion but it is not the same as building a successful, winning and cohesive argument as in essays. Keeping that in mind, here you can find a complete guide to set you on the right path for writing a pitch-perfect persuasive essay.


Steps for Writing a Persuasive Essay


With 5 paragraphs, you can formulate a winning persuasive essay. Consider the following structure:


  • Select The Topic And Choose Your Side 

Choose your topic on which you want to provide your opinion. Carefully choose your side and hold firmly to it. Your reader should know from the start where you stand and if your reader has to guess your position throughout your essay, you already lost it.


  • Research Thoroughly

Persuasive essay aims to convince readers to agree with your stand and point of view. So, it is important to research the topic thoroughly and present narratives to make the reader stop and think about your viewpoint. Your essay should present some fascinating facts and statistics to grab the reader’s attention with essay writing service.


  • Organize The Essay Paragraphs

A well organized essay will present the author’s point of view in a more effective way. The basic structure follows:


Introduction – The introductory paragraph will contain the main argument including the thesis statement.


Body – Three or more paragraphs to enforce your viewpoint with facts and statistics to convince the reader.


Conclusion – The last paragraph of your essay should restate your thesis statement. Summarize all the important things and come to the main point. You can also end your essay with a call to action or a rhetorical question.


So, here are some simple steps that you can follow to write a persuasive essay. If you start with a clear thesis statement and mix it with solid facts and statistics, you will be on your way to deliver a perfect persuasive essay.

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