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A narrative essay is a form of writing that includes stories and experiences of the writer on the chosen topic. This creative writing type is based on the writer’s standpoint that is supported by detailed information.

A narrative paper is commonly assigned to students for their academics. This is to analyze who good students are in portraying their selves and relevant experiences to back up their topic. Like other essay types, a narrative essay requires a writer to have good writing and portraying skills. 

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Essays are structured pieces of writing. They follow a certain outline to present information on the topic. One thing that differentiates a narrative paper from a short story is that a narrative essay is structured and is written using an outline. 

Without a proper structure, your essay will confuse the readers making it impossible for them to understand your point and experiences. The structure presents the text in an ordered form which helps the audience track every small detail. 

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  • Narrative Essay Introduction – According to the traditional essay outline that provides structure to the content, there are sections in which all the information should be divided. These sections include an introduction, body, and conclusion.

The introduction of a narrative essay is written to introduce the topic and the story to be shared. This section contains the what, how, and why of the topic that will be discussed deeply in the body section. 

Open your introductory paragraph with a catchy hook statement in a form of a quotation or a fact. After this, give a plot of the story, or introduce the main character to the readers. 

At the end of the introduction, present the thesis statement or the main argument of the essay. Make sure that it relates to the topic and the life event that had a significant result. 

  • Narrative Essay Body – The body of the narrative essay has three important elements; rising action, climax, and falling action. Depending on the length of your essay, there will be a certain number of paragraphs in this section. 

The first paragraph will set up the story. For this, provide a background of the story and important details about the setting, characters, and an onset. Use simple and clear language to keep it interesting and understandable. 

In the next paragraph, present the climax of the story. Present anecdotes and interesting facts in a few sentences. The last paragraph of the body section will state how the story ended. Present the resolution of the experience and gice closure to your story. 

  • Narrative Essay Conclusion – The last section of the essay will be the conclusion where the writer will wrap up the whole discussion. Restate the main point of the essay and present the relation to it with the reader’s life. 

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